Hey there, I’m Mat, founder of Going Uni. (due to lockdown and not having a haircut, I haven't put a picture up!). I’m 18 and founded Going Uni  in 2020 during what can only be described as the weirdest year of living for me and many others so far. Covid-19 really put life on hold for us in the UK and changed the way we shopped and how we lived day to day for months. 

In saying all of that, my first year of University is in 2020 and my friends  and I had almost forgotten that we were about to step into the next big chapter of our lives with everything going on in the world.  For students starting university in 2020, it’s most likely that it will be different from other freshers who started uni before us. A lot of adjustments outside of the expected normal transition into university.  It also feels like our new journey and the impact on freshers has been slightly forgotten. When looking for university items too, I was struggling to find stock and the places that did have stock were charging double.

With family members who may have lost their jobs or have a reduced salary at this time along with the struggle in finding essentials items in stock,  I came up with an idea  of finding the essentials that we need as new uni students and bundling and delivering them for us between August and September before university starts. This way, we reduce the stress of having to look for all of the items and queuing up outside stores and we save some money!  Now we can spend the rest of whatever this summer looks like enjoying what we can before our new reality starts! 

You can pick your delivery date, we’ll reconfirm nearer the time of your delivery date the address of where you want your Going Uni items delivered. 

As the youngest of 4 kids, my siblings have always warned me about the struggle of money and affording snacks and food as it gets closer to the end of term, so I created snacks bundles. You pay for them when you have money and then decide the date when you’d like it to be delivered.

Imagine this, you’ve barely got any money to last you until the end of the term but you preordered your snacks bundle and you’ve given a date. You’ve forgotten all about it and then you receive your bundle, just when you thought you’d starve! EPIC!  I managed to secure some help from suppliers as they found out what I was trying to do for my fellow uni students and they wanted to help. All the essentials at affordable prices just for us.

Good luck at Uni and I hope it’s the best start to your new chapter. Feel free to chat to me on facebook messenger, instagram and live chat. I answer personally!