Student Cooking Tips

Student Cooking Tips

Student Cooking Tips

As an individual the age of a student heading to university, I think you should understand the basics of cooking, or at the very least, begin to learn. You are not always going to have your parents to cook your meals, right? And ordering in a takeaway isn’t the solution - health-wise or financially.

But it is understandable if cooking is not an activity you particularly enjoy doing, making you stay clear of the kitchen. That all changes though if you are a student moving into university accommodation, no matter if you enjoy spending your time in the kitchen or not.

When the time comes and you are moving into your new living space, it is up to you to feed yourself… Unless you have a housemate that is a chef! And NO, it’s not smart to order takeaways or eat out every day. It will be tempting, but why hinder your health and finances when you can learn how to cook a basic meal for dinner.

So here are a few basic cooking tips that are very basic… but important to know!

1) Learn how to season food. All types of food can and should be seasoned, from salt and pepper to all different types of flavoured seasoning. It can transform a plate of food!

2) Start freezing food - it can make it last months longer. For example, cooked pasta, cooked rice, and bread… just to name a few. This can save you time and more importantly money.

3) Start meal planning - which will not only save you time but will benefit your health as you can plan healthier meals in advance.

So, are you ready to take some initiative and cook a meal for you and your friends! Seriously, having the ability to cook basic and simple, yet enjoyable meals, will really help you get through university whilst living in student accommodation. Again, the answer isn’t a bunch of takeaways and eating out.

We recommend learning how to cook a few basic meals and then maybe you can take it up another level!

Here are a few sites you can visit that have some good recipes and tips

For kitchen Basics: Home Cook Basics

For a variety of recipes: Tasty 

Student budget-friendly recipes: BBC Student Food

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